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If you are attaining 18 years of age on or before 1.1.2017 and eligible to become a voter, Apply.       अगर आप 1, जनवरी 2017 को या उससे पूर्व 18 वर्ष के हो रहे हैं और आप मतदाता बनने के योग्य हैं, आवेदन करें।
Special Summary Revision-2017

1. Special Summary Revision-2017 (Media Campaign). Click Here

2. Special Camp for Graffiti and Cultural activity in Delhi Metro Stations
   on 6th and 20th October 2017. Click Here

3. Special Youth Camps. CLick Here


1. Young citizen attained 18 years of age on 1.1.2016 to become voter. Apply Here

2. Have your name registered in electoral roll more than once/Was your name
    arlier registered in electoral roll is still continuing, then you can Check
    here and apply for deletion of name here in accordance with rules.
    Remember multiple entries is a punishable offence.

3. Please help in deleting the name of electors who have expired and still features
    in the electoral roll. Apply Here

4. Correct your entries.Apply Here

5. Replace your poor quality photo/image with good quality image.

     (Size 3.2 cm X 2.4 cm Resolution 320X240) Apply Here



- For inclusion of name in the voter list, use Form 6   (Online/Offline)

- For change in the Assembly Constituency, use Form 6    (Online/Offline)

- For enrolment of overseas electors, use Form 6A    (Online/Offline)

- For deletion and objection of an entry in draft electoral roll,
    use Form 7   (Offline)

- For correction of particulars in electoral roll, use Form 8    (Online/Offline)

- For change of address within the Assembly Constituency,
    use Form 8A   (Online/Offline)


Helpline: 1950