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Year (1949)

Constituent Assembly of India

Year (1950)

Declaration offices

Extention of time for preparation of E Roll in Delhi in 1950

Gazette regarding assent of president for representation of people act. 1950

Notification Regarding Appointment of Chief Commissioner as revising authority for E-Roll

Notification regarding appointment of Chief Election Commissioner of India

Order of Election Commission regarding preparation of first Electoral Roll in Delhi

The Provisional State State Legislatures (Casual Vacancies) Order1950.

Year (1951)

Date & Time of Poll for Parliamentary Constituencies in Delhi

Delimitation Order 1951

List of Returning Officers of Assembly Constituencies in Delhi in 1950

Notification of Assembly Polls in Delhi 1951

Notification of Parliamentry Election Delhi 1951

Representation of People Act 1951

Time for Assembly Polls in Delhi

Year (1952)

Elected Member of Council of State in Delhi in 1952

Extention of Date for Parliamentary Elections

Hours of Poll for Council of State Elections

Notification of President Election

The Council of States (Term of Office of Members) Order 1952

Year (1956)

Appointment of ERO in Delhi 1956

Date for Council of State Election 1956

Limit of Election expenditure

List of Members elected in council of states in Delhi 1956

Year (1957)

List of MPs 1957

Notification of President Election 1957

Notification regarding Parliamentary Elections

Year (1962)

List of Returning Officers and AROs 1962

List of Vailid Nominations for the president of Inida 1962

Notification of General Election 1962 (20 January 1962)

Notification of General Election 1962

Notification of President Election 1962 (148)

Notification regarding President Election 1962

Year (1967)

Notification of 1967 Parliamentary Election

Notification of President Election 1967

Year (1969)

Notification of President Election 1969

Year (1971)

Returning Officers of Delhi 1971

Year (1975)

Municipal Concil Election 1975 (1)

Municipal Concil Election 1975 (2)

Year (1976)

Declration of Municipal Council wards in Delhi 1976