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Delhi Election-2020

Documents Date
Prohibition on sale of Liquor etc. Regarding. 07/02/2020
General Election to Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi, 2020 - Public Holiday on the day of poll 07/02/2020
PUBLIC NOTICE: Attention: All Differently Abled Voters. 07/02/2020
General Election to Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi -2020- Result Reports to be sent to the Election Commission of India by the Returning Officers. 06/02/2020
Photo identity document to be produced by electors for establishing their identity at the polling station before casting vote 06/02/2020
Prohibition on display to the public any election matter by means of cinematograph, television or other similar apparatus, and holding public meetings during period of 48 hours ending with hour fixed for conclusion of poll. 05/02/2020
Ban on exit/opinion polls etc. Attention: news bureaus, media houses, radio & televisions channels, etc. 05/02/2020
Running of Announcement through Auto Tippers of Garbage. 05/02/2020
General Elections to the House of the People - Gazette reg. Notification regarding - BAN ON EXIT POLL 05/02/2020
Grant of paid holiday on the day of Poll (08-02-2020)- Notification of Delhi, UP and Haryana Govts. 01/02/2020
Design and specification of VVPAT Counting Booth (VCB)-reg. 28/01/2020
General Election to Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi-2020- Prohibition on sale of liquor in NCT of Delhi- Dry Days-reg. 27/01/2020
Regarding payment of professional fee in respect of Deaf Signers & Indian Sign Language Interpreter in Polling Booth Stations. 21/01/2020
FORM 12 21/01/2020
FORM 12A 21/01/2020
ORDER - (F. No.: CEO/B&A/109(48)/2008/13117-421) 16/01/2020
General Election to Legislative Assembly of Delhi -2020- Publication of Election Notification in Delhi Gazette 15/01/2020
Commission’s Amendment Notification No. 56/2019 (III)/PPS-III dated 10.01.2020-reg. 15/01/2020
Commission's Notifications No.(i) 52/2020/SDR dated 08.01.2020 and (ii) 52/2020/SDR VOL-I dated 10.01.2020 - reg 15/01/2020
Advisory 15/01/2020
General Election to Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi-Counting of Votes and Poll Hours- Regarding 14/01/2020
Nodal Officer (Postal Ballot) for Media persons 14/01/2020
Allotment of common symbol
List of Star Campaigner Election for Delhi Legislative Assembly, 2020
Updated list of disqualified persons under Section 10A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951
Election Notification-14-01-2020
List of Returning Officers for General Election to the Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi, 2020
Certification by Media Certification and Monitoring Committee (MCMC) for Political Advertisement to be telecast/ broadcast
Restriction on printing of pamphelts, posters by candidates/ political parties/ printing presses etc.
Prevention of Defacement of Properties
Regarding Model Code of Conduct & Election Control Rooms in Nct of Delhi
Single Window System for Issuance of Permissions During Elections Period
Candidate Affidavit
Format of the Application for various Permissions like Meeting, Rallies, vehicle, etc
Comprehensive Instruction regarding Training of Polling Parties and other stakeholders, at District/ACs level for the Delhi Assembly Election-2020 and Uploading of training schedule on the training Module of website of CEO, Delhi.
General Election to Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi 2020- Important report in various forms (Form-1, Form-3A, Form-4, Form -6, Form7A)
General Election to the Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi, 2020-Instructions regarding Single Window System for Public Meetings/Rallies/Processions, use of Loudspeakers and use of vehicles for election campaigning as well as use of non-commercial/remote/uncontrolled airports/helipads.
Travelling Allowance to the employees of Delhi Govt./Central Govt./Autonomous Bodies etc.detailed on Election Duty.
Special camps to be organized in Hospitals (both Government & Private) & Dispensaries on 27-12-2019, 28-12-2019, 30-12-2019 & 31-12-2019 (04 days)