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Other Instructions

Other Instructions

  General Election to the Legislative Assemblies-2017-Instruction on election campaign-reg.

  Receiving of nomination forms-holidays-reg and Instructions regarding Election Manifestos.

  Storage and supply of CCTV recordings-regarding.

  Recognition of "All India Trinamool congress" as a National Party

  Period of retention of the Affidavits in Form 26 and the nomination papers filed by the candidates-regarding.

  Member list of Working Committee of Rashtriya Aikta March Party.

  Restriction on the printing on pamphlets posters etc.-clarification.

  Clarification regarding Form A and Form B-Regarding.

  Filing of election petition in connection with elections to house of people/legislative assemblies etc- impleading of election officials- regarding.

  Symbol of political parties

  Registration of new political parties in delhi

  Registered unrecognized political parties of NCT of Delhi

   ECI Instructions on judgement of the Hon'ble Delhi High Court in W.P.(C). No. 4912/1998 (KRISHAK BHARAT VS UNION OF INDIA AND ORS.)- Candidate to submit 'No Demand Certificate' from agencies providing electricity, water and telephone along with there nomination papers-regarding.

   Modification of Proforma for filing "Statement of Election Expenditure" by Political Parties

   New Scheme of Election Commission Return Preparer (ECRP) -Guidlines thereof

   Nomination Paper (Form-2B)

•  Affidavit to be filed by the Candidate along with Nomination Paper

   Form for Candidates Set up by Political Party  Form A   Form B

   Form of Oath or Affirmation

   Handbook for Candidates (Updated 20014)

   Compendium of Instructions on Election Expenditure Monitoring (October - 2014)

   Conduct of Election (Amendment) Rules 2014 - Amendment of Rule 90 of Conduct of Elections Rules, 1961-Increase in maximum limit of election expenses - regarding

   Format of Application for Certification of Advertisement of Political Nature on Electronic Media - TV Channels, Cable Network, Radio, Social Media etc

   ECI Instructions on restriction on the printing on pamphlets / posters - For Candidates / Political Parties

   ECI Instruction on permission of Vehicles & District Expenditure Monitoring Committee 

   Pre-Certification of political advertisements- Use of bulk SMSs/voice messages in political campaigning

•  Guidance Note on Accounting & Auditing of Political parties

 Judgment of the Hon'ble Delhi High Court in W.P.(c) No.4912/1998(Krishak Bharat Vs Union of India & Ors.)Candidates to submit 'No Demand certificate' from agencies providing electricity, water and telephone along with their nomination papers-regarding.